Rank Holders

Though Holy Cross College of Management And Technology (HCCMAT) has a short history only, it is really an illustrious one. It has a vibrant academic environment, exciting research programs and a tradition of service to the Idukki District and to other parts of Kerala. Our graduates are sought after by employers and welcomed by graduate and professional schools.. Did we mention that almost all of our graduates complete their degrees in three years.


Year 2017

  • Ms. Mekha Joy (M.H.R.M  2015-2017) 2nd Rank
  • Ms. Nimmy Treesa George (M.H.R.M  2015-2017) 3rd Rank
  • Ms. Anaitha Anil (B.T.S  2014-2017) 3rd Rank

Year 2010

  • Ms. Benazeer A S (B.T.S  2007-2010) 1st Rank

Year 2009

  • Ms. Sanna Mathew (B.T.S 2006-2009) 3rd Rank

Year 2008

  • Ms. Felmi Philip (B.T.S 2005-2008) 1st Rank
  • Ms. Lintu Maria Mathew (B.T.S 2005-2008) 3rd Rank

Year 2007

  • Ms. Athira Sunny (B.T.S 2004-2007) 1st Rank
  • Ms. Bincy Thomas (B.T.S 2004-2007) 3rd Rank
  • Mr. Jain Jose (B.T.S 2004-2007) 3rd Rank