Our goal at HCCMAT is to grow our institution – but to grow it sustainably and benefit the society locally and globally. We believe sustainability is a key element of our strategy for continued growth. We believe that the resource-efficient, environmentally responsible attitude will deliver sustainability not only to the institution but to the students who will be part of the working society in few years and the culture will make our graduates stand out in the professional world. 

 long term maintenance of responsibility, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions, and encompasses the concept of stewardship. We have created a formal framework with targets to help us achieve this aim. At HCCMAT we have named it Sustainability 2-2-22, our ten-year program is to reduce our impact on the planet and to increase environmental responsibility.

Our targets include:

  • Implementing Net -Zero
  • Being self-sufficient in Electricity,
  • Being self-sufficient in other energy resources
  • Achieving carbon neutrality
  • Sending zero waste to landfill and farms around
  • Teaching environmental responsibility to our students
  • Minimizing expenditure by introducing technology.
  • Improving financial strength by efficient management of resources

Ongoing Project

  • Taking the college of the grid by 2-2-22 and using public energy source as a back up in emergencies. The trust and the college are investing highly in other electric energy sources, of multiple sources like solar, wind, bio waste, and Hybrid Systems of Solar and Wind.
  • Has invested in a solar water heating system for the college and hostels, canteen, and laundromat.
  • Developed Bio-gas waste system for supplying energy to the cafeteria from cafeteria waste management System
  • Developed and implementing water treatment system which helped the students to cut the need to purchase bottled water and reduce landfill waste