UG Courses

Under Graduate Courses

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Our BA Communicative English with Journalism is a degree Course of three-year (6 semesters) duration with three main subjects: (1) Communicative English,(2) English Literary Studies (3) Journalism & Computer Applications.

Our strength is well-qualified faculty. The course curriculum is oriented towards equipping the students for self-employment. As Indian media continues to be on an expansion mode, there will be demand for skilled journalists and other media professionals.

The mushrooming of television channels being a reality, formal training in this area will equip the students with adequate confidence and leadership to take up challenging careers. The BA Course gives adequate training in print and television journalism. The aim of the course is to empower students professionally.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA program is designed to create and develop future managers by providing them with required managerial skills. To train the managers of tomorrow in the skill needed for the successful career, HCCMAT conducts BBA program of MG University Kottayam

There will be 6 semesters in this 3-year undergraduate program. Each semester the students go for an industrial visit for getting an industrial exposure

On the completion of the 5th Semester students take up and industrial project and they prepare and submit the project report at the end of their 6th semester

Holy Cross College prepares future leaders through an innovative education system that bridges communication and management, science and technology, enterprise, and society.

With a well-designed curriculum that integrates academic courses, research opportunities, hands-on training, co-curricular activities, community service, clubs and organizations, sports, and recreation among other activities, we work at developing the soft-skills.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

BCA is a six-semester full-time undergraduate course of Mahatma Gandhi University. Students are given adequate training to meet the requirements of the IT Industry. Distinctive training methods like seminars and paper presentations are incorporated into the curriculum. The course provides a sound theoretical and practical knowledge about software development. Students are given the opportunity to get familiarised with upcoming technologies.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

The objective of the B.Com course is to develop and promote scientific methods in business, with special emphasis to skill development and proficiency for employment. It aims at imparting training for self-employment and to inculcate aptitude for pursuing higher studies.

The duration of the B.Com program is three academic years with six semesters. The total number of courses for the whole B.Com (Vocational Model II) program is 34. It is divided into three heads:

  1. Common Course,
  2. Core and Complementary courses and
  3. Open courses

All courses shall have an internal assessment as specified in the common regulations for the CBSS system of the M.G. University. One month’s, on the job training during the interval between fourth and fifth semesters, is mandatory. During the sixth semester, every student shall prepare a project on a topic related to Commerce.

Extracurricular activities are also provided through Commerce Association. The activities are Commerce Fest, Business Quiz, Seminars, Personality Development classes, etc.

Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM)

B.T.T.M is a new generation course. Its main aim is to offer trained personnel to the tourism industry. The scope of the course is to create efficient and smart professionals for the Travel and Tourism industry. Passed out students have a preference in hospitality and Airport operation areas.

As part of the curriculum, the B.T.T.M course is providing different subjects related to tourism, hospitality management, law, air travel fare calculation, and computer. By conducting seminars, group discussions, internal exams and model exams each of the six semesters is made vibrant and challenging

Academic Programs

The students are required to go for 30 days of practical training during the fourth semester in a travel agency/airport.

It is mandatory that students should take part in the national tour during the sixth semester (three weeks’ program).

Open course for final year students.

Department Activities

We have a club named OISSIVE. It acts as a supporting for each and every activity of the students like department celebrations, conducting seminars, fund arrangement, etc. Quiz programs, exhibitions, and cultural programs are part of the B.T.T.M study.