1. The HCCMAT management from the very inception of the College started providing scholarships to needy students. The management has set well-defined criteria for awarding scholarships. Only students from challenging living conditions and difficult family backgrounds and have scored high grades are eligible for management scholarships. Financial aid is awarded on a case by case as funds are available.
  2. The government of India provides post metric scholarships to minority students. Visit for more details. Some students of the College receive these scholarships. Students who are eligible for this type of scholarship must contact the College office for assistance.
  3. In the past, through the initiative of the Chairman, some students were awarded scholarships through support receiving from philanthropists and broad-minded sponsors from abroad as well as from India. We look forward to sponsors willing to support needy students.
  4. Financial aids are also sponsored and funded by organizations outside the College. Individuals, corporations, charitable foundations, and numerous other groups give financial aid and fellowships. Private and Non-college sponsored fellowships may be available to deserving students. HCCMAT has several privately funded fellowships that are handled through the Chairman’s office. Some of these fellowships are won independently select student recipients. Students submitting applications for admission to graduate programs will be considered for such awards as appropriate no additional application forms are required. Usually, these aids are given to financially difficult students and the College doesn’t advertise the recipient’s names.