BA English Literature, Communication and Journalism (3 Main)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Our BA English Literature, Communication and Journalism is a degree Course of three-year (6 semesters) duration with three main subjects: (1) Communicative English,(2) English Literary Studies (3) Journalism & Computer Applications.

Our strength lies in well-qualified faculty. The course curriculum is oriented towards equipping the students for self-employment. As Indian media continues to be on an expansion mode, there will be demand for skilled journalists and other media professionals.

The mushrooming of television channels being a reality, formal training in this area will equip the students with adequate confidence and leadership to take up challenging careers. The BA Course gives adequate training in print and television journalism. The aim of the course is to empower students professionally.

Course Structure:

Semester 1

  • Common Course

          Fine-tune Your English

  • Methodology of Literary
  • English Literature from the Old
    English Period to the Romantic
  • Conversational Skills
  • Writing for the Media

Semester 2

  • Common Course

          Issues that Matter

  • Introducing Language and
  • English Literature from the
    Victorian Age to the
    Postmodern Period
  • Editing and Fundamentals of
    Media Writing
  • Interpersonal Skills

Semester 3

  • Harmony of Prose
  • Symphony of Verse 
  • Introduction to Narratology
  • Digital Writing, Advertising, and Reporting for Media
  • Creative Writing

Semester 4

  • Modes of Fiction
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Business Writing
  • Translation: Theoretical and
    Literary Perspectives.
  • Writing for Radio and
    Television Acts on the Stage

Semester 5

  • Appreciating Films
    Theatre Studies
  • Open Course
    English for Careers
  • Acts on the Stage
  • Literary Criticism and Theory
  • Indian Writing in English
  • Environmental Science and
    Human Rights

Semester 6

  • Postcolonial Literature
  • Women Writing
  • American Literature
  • Modern World Literature
  • OJT in Media: Audio, Visual
    and Print
    & Project