Disciplinary Rules and Regulations

  1. Students are requested to maintain the highest standard of behavior and discipline both inside and outside the College.
  2. Students are required to improve and maintain consistency in their performance in the University / College examinations in order to get promotions to the subsequent Semester.
  3. They shall strictly observe the disciplinary rules framed by the College. Violation of which will be dealt with by the Principal in the manner she/he considers fit and her/his decision will be final.
  4. On the first bell, students shall assemble in the rooms and wait silently for the lecturer. When the lecturer enters the classroom the students shall rise and remain standing till they are asked to sit.
  5. No student shall enter the class or leave the class without the permission of the lecturer.
  6. Every class in charge and academic advisor keeps a close watch on the students’ attendance, progress, and conduct.
  7. Irregular attendance, indifference in regard to classwork and examination, discourtesy towards teachers, insubordination, obscenity in word and act, willful damage to College property, anti-social activities, etc are liable for disciplinary action which includes expulsion from the College.
  8. Attendance to the College functions like association meetings, College assembly, seminars, group discussions, Industrial visits, Viva Voce, etc is obligatory to all students.
  9. Students who do not live with their parents or guardians must live in the hostels or in lodges approved by the Principal.
  10. Without the permission of the Principal students shall not organize any activities or associate with any outside group concerned with the College.
  11. No meeting shall be convened, no outside person shall be invited, no publication shall be issued and no canvassing and mobilizing of the students for any particular purpose shall be made without the permission of the Principal.
  12. The Principal shall have the power to expel any student from the College if the student is guilty of serious misconduct or student’s presence in the College is injurious to the order and discipline.
  13. Latecomers can enter the class only if permitted by the lecturer. They may be marked present by him/her at the end of an hour only if there is sufficient reason for being late.
  14. During class hours the permission of the lecturer is needed to move from one seat to another or to leave the room.
  15. Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Pagers, etc not approved by the Principal are not allowed to be brought to the College. The use of Mobile phones is strictly banned inside the campus.
  16. Every student should possess an identity card issued by the College which should be produced whenever asked for especially when dealing with the office.
  17. The College has developed the tradition of a homely informal atmosphere of freedom with responsibility, treating one another with love and respect. We have proud Alumni who have set very good tradition. However, we lay down some norms of general conduct.
  18. There is nothing that can substitute for self-discipline and a serious devotion to duty, a spirit of respect and love for all that is good, noble, and beautiful in life. The College expects students to keep their vision high and solicit the cooperation of the parents to minimize the necessity of enforcing rules and regulations.
  19. Students are expected to treat the College as its own and to cooperate in its efficient and smooth running.
  20. Dress Code: The students shall wear College uniforms every day. The approved style of wearing uniform should be strictly followed. Usual dress for boys is pants and shirts and for girls churidars. Black shoes and black belts are compulsory for boys. Any exemption will be notified by the authorities.
  21. College is an authorized tally- the training center. The students will get trained in the latest Tally Account Package; by the end of their degree course. They will be provided with a recognized certificate, after the completion of this package. An extra fee of Rs. 4000.00 will be charged. We expect full cooperation from the parents.
  22. Loitering and wasting time on the College campus and canteen causes indiscipline on the College campus and that must be avoided.