The Holy Cross College has well equipped and modern technology computer laboratory for the various degree courses. State of-the-art computer systems are installed. The laboratory could be made use of by the students and staff. Computer literacy programmes for staff and students and various IT courses are offered.


Library is a treasure-house of knowledge. A well-equipped, efficiently functioning library is an imperative to each centre of learning. The College library has ample space and has a huge collection of books, periodicals and journals on all relevant subjects. Back Volumes of Periodicals and Journals are kept for reference.

The library works from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. A photocopier is available for the use of the Faculty and Students. All Students of the college are members of the Library and Reading Room. Silence is strictly observed in the Library, Reading Room and its premises. Books in the reference section, as a policy, are not allowed to be lent out. A well equipped reading room provides facilities for journals, periodicals, and reference Books for more than 200 students at a time. Internet facility is provided in the central library. Staff and students are allowed to enjoy the same. The library also provides access for students to vast databases, full-text journals, audio-visual programmes as well as an extensive collection of books. The books are supplemented by CD’s and microfilm.


The net centre in the main block is fully equipped to cater to the needs of the entire students of the College. At present there are 18 pc’s including a server where all are connected to the network. Admission to the net centre is open to all students. Students are allowed to enter batch wise so that every student gets sufficient time to use the computer. All the terminals have round-the-clock internet access through a dedicated leased line as well as a broadband connection.


The college has fully furnished conference hall. It can accomodate 50 members at a time. It has all the facilities for a conference including a multimedia system, LCD Projector, whiteboard etc.


The Chapel in the main block serves as the centre of worship for all. In addition to the main worship area, it has space for religious discourse, meditation and counseling and similar other activities and events.


The objective of the Canteen and meal service is to protect by reducing the risk of food borne illness, with proper sanitary conditions and preventing adulterated food.

From the very beginning of the College in 2003, the College Canteen has been functioning efficiently. The canteen is located inside the College. The hostellers and day scholars are provided meals by assuring food safety and quality. The students who come from faraway places, start their journey to the College early in the morning. For them mid-day meal is provided. Even many day-scholars use canteen facility for their breakfast and evening tea with snacks. Presently there are 130 students in the two hostels of the College. They are provided with three meals a day, bed coffee and evening tea/coffee.

The Management of the Canteen is directly under the control of College Administration. Students and staff of the College are benefited by the College canteen.  Menu will be planned by the assigned team of Management and instructions will be given to the Contractor.  The contract of the Canteen will be renewed every year. Periodical meeting will be conducted by the team of Management and Contractor in order to appraise the function of Canteen. Liberalization of food trade, growing consumer demand, physical set up and sanitary conditions are also discussed during appraisal. Also suggestions, complaints and problems of the food consumers are taken into consideration.

The waste utilization of the canteen is efficiently done through the waste recycling plant installed in the campus. A bio-gas plant is installed near the canteen. Bio-degradable waste is converted into manure through this plant and the gas produced is used for cooking. The canteen and the surroundings are always kept neat and tidy. Plastic bags less than 10 microns are not permitted inside the campus. Following rules and regulations are strictly followed:

  1. The canteen shall run from 8.00 A.M to 8.00 P.M only
  2. Day scholars and staff shall be charged according to what they take from the canteen
  3. For the hostellers monthly rate is fixed by the College authorities, from time to time, according to market price of food materials.
  4. Any hostel inmate absent from the College for any genuine reason/s (such as illness, vacation, closure of College, project work, study leave, tour programs etc.) for seven days or more than seven days shall be refunded full amount from the monthly fixed amount.
  5. The permission letter of absence recommended by the concerned Hostel Warden counter signed by the Administrator shall be given to the contractor in advance by the student before proceeding to leave.
  6. All students shall strictly observe the meal timings
  7. Students are not permitted to be inside the canteen during class hours
  8. Day scholars are not permitted to use the canteen after 4.30 P.M.
  9. Only one common eating facility (canteen facility) shall be provided in the campus for day scholars, hostellers, guests of the College, teaching and non-teaching staffs of the College. The management is fully committed to keep with quality for the utmost benefit of all concerned.


Holy Cross College of Management & Technology provides hostel facility for both girls and boys. Both the hostels are inside the campus and can accommodate 200 students. The students in the hostel feel a home away from home. Students from different parts of Kerala while staying together have better understanding and help to adapt different cultures.


  • KSRTC facilities- Kerala State Road Transportation Corporation is plying coaches (buses) from different locations to Munnar, Kattappana and other places. Since the College is located along Kumily-Kattappana, Munnar Road, the students especially day-scholars use this facility of the K.S.R.T.C.
  • There is large number of private buses plying back and forth from Kumily to various locations. Students are also using this facility. Large number of students presently studying in the College uses this private bus facility to come to the College and return to their homes in the evening, after classes.