Rank Holders

The history of Holy Cross College of Management And Technology (HCCMAT) reveals that it is indeed an Illustrious institution. It has a vibrant academic environment, exciting research programs, and a tradition of service to the Idukki District and to other parts of Kerala. Our graduates are sought after by employers and welcomed by graduate and professional schools.

The year 2020

  • Ms. Roshni M.S (MTTM 2018 -2020) 5th Rank
  • Ms. Merrin Mary Mathew (MTTM 2018-2020) 6th Rank

The year 2019

  • Ms. Betsy Thomas (M.H.R.M 2017-2019) 2nd Rank

The year 2017

  • Ms. Mekha Joy (M.H.R.M  2015-2017) 2nd Rank
  • Ms. Nimmy Treesa George (M.H.R.M  2015-2017) 3rd Rank
  • Ms. Anaitha Anil (B.T.S  2014-2017) 3rd Rank

The year 2010

  • Ms. Benazeer A S (B.T.S  2007-2010) 1st Rank

The year 2008

  • Ms. Felmi Philip (B.T.S 2005-2008) 1st Rank
  • Ms. Lintu Maria Mathew (B.T.S 2005-2008) 3rd Rank

The year 2007

  • Ms. Athira Sunny (B.T.S 2004-2007) 1st Rank
  • Ms. Bincy Thomas (B.T.S 2004-2007) 3rd Rank
  • Mr. Jain Jose (B.T.S 2004-2007) 3rd Rank