Points of Pride

Though Holy Cross College of Management And Technology (HCCMAT) has a short history only, it is really an illustrious one. It has a vibrant academic environment, exciting research programs, and a tradition of service to the Idukki District and to other parts of Kerala.

  • The greatest source of our pride in our people- the faculty, the staff, students, and the Alumni who work hard to advance the society at large.
  • Holy Cross College’s academic curriculum is designed to develop character as well as intellect; it’s intended to prepare you for a lifetime of personal growth, professional fulfillment, and service.
  • Holy Cross College is located in the heart of high ranges, nestled among the hills of the beautiful small town of Puttady which lies close to the tourist hot-spots of Thekkady and Munnar. The sylvan and sweet environment provide our campus with climatic that is pollution-free. The campus provides a welcoming, healthy, safe, and pleasing environment to live and grow. There are various opportunities for outdoor activities.
  • The College is recognized as an excellent center of learning. Quality education is provided by the College at an affordable expense and it is a great boon to the lower-middle-class students who throng the portals of the College.
  • Our graduates are sought after by employers and welcomed by graduate and professional schools. Did we mention that almost all of our graduates complete their degrees in three years. Ms. Anaitha Anil(B.T.S) received 3rd rank in the M.G University in 2017, Ms. Nimmy Treesa George (M.H.R.M) received 2nd rank in 2nd semester and Ms. Mekha Joy (M.H.R.M) received 4th rank in 2nd semester M.G university Kottayam in 2017. Ms.Benazeer a student of the College received the first rank in the M.G.University in 2010. Again in the preceding years, Ms.Athira Sunny (2007) and Felmi Philip (2008) got first ranks. Ms. Bincy Thomas (2007), Mr.Jain Jose (2007), Ms.Lintu Maria Mathew (2008) Ms.Sanna Mathew (2009) were third rank holders of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.
  • HCCMAT is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam. It is also an approved study center of Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi (IGNOU).